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Amendments to the General Law Mayor-Aldermanic Charter

Reference Number: MTAS-868
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: August 17, 2016
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On July 1, 1991, municipalities operating under the general law mayor-aldermanic charter received a completely revised charter. Since that revision, there have been several amendments to the charter, which are summarized in this section. References to sections of the charter and the amending acts passed by the Tennessee General Assembly are included for each amendment.

Changes to the charter are grouped according to subject matter as follows:
I. Incorporation
II. Board Action
III. Applicability of Charter
IV. Corporate Name Change
V. Annual Budget
VI. Finance and Taxation
VII. Wards and Aldermen
VIII. Staggered and Transitional Terms of Office
IX. Term Limits
X. City Court and Judge
XI. Mayor’s Duties