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Annual Reports

Reference Number: MTAS-1143
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: October 09, 2016
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How an Annual Report Will Benefit Your Fire Department
As the chief or member of your fire department, you know what you do day in and day out, but who else knows that?

A fire department is a valuable community asset providing emergency and essential services to residents, businesses and visitors. Regardless of the size of the community, many people will never need the emergency services the fire department provides. This is especially true in a large city, where the percent of people using the emergency services is very small. As an example, consider a city with a population of about 40,000 people where the fire department provides fire, EMS, rescue and technical rescue emergency services. The fire department made about 3,000 calls in 2011. Some of those calls were to non-residents, and some were to the same resident on multiple occasions, but for this example, assume that all calls were to residents and all responses were unique. In this scenario, the fire department touched 7.5 percent of the population. Those 7.5 percent are aware of what you do, but what does the other 92.5 percent of the population know, and how do you tell them what you do? You tell them with your annual report.

Technically, an annual report is a comprehensive report on the fire department’s activities from the preceding year. The annual report provides information to elected officials, residents, businesses and other interested people about the fire department’s activities and accomplishments. The annual report is a way to market your department and to share the department’s capabilities without being boastful.