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Code of Ordinances

Reference Number: MTAS-380
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: November 30, 2016
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What is a Code of Ordinances?
A city’s municipal code of ordnance is its compilation of all the city’s laws and some of its regulations. These laws are generated through the passage of individual ordinances, and all ordinances, other than administrative ordinances (budget ordinances, tax ordinances, annexation ordinances, etc.), are contained within the municipal code. This does not mean the actual ordinance is contained in the municipal code, but rather those provisions of the ordinance that formulate a law or regulation are contained within a chapter of the municipal code.

The municipal code provides the governing body, the city’s administration and the citizens one basic source for discerning the current laws and regulations governing the city. A quick check of the municipal code and the ordinance book (for ordinances adopted since the last update of the municipal code) will give anyone seeking information the current laws and regulations for your city. Otherwise, it is a process of checking minute books, files, etc., and running the risk of making errors and misinforming someone.