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Step 5: Notify Firms of Results and Conduct Site Visits

Reference Number: MTAS-694
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: March 23, 2017
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By mail, notify the firms not selected for interviews. Use a letter similar to the one in Appendix A-9. Recognize that the firms have put time and effort into responding to your RFQ. Thank them for their interest. In the notification, list the firms that will be interviewed. Some firms that were not selected may question why. This is where the selection criteria and scoring sheets are useful (Appendices A-6:  Statement of Qualifications Evaluation FormA-7:  Statement of Qualifications Reference Check Form and A-8:  Statements of Qualifications Evaluation Summary Form). Remember, all of the selection committee’s worksheets are open to the public.

By mail, notify all firms selected for interviews. Give information about the interview process. A letter similar to the one in A-10:  Memo to Short-Listed Firms is suggested. Include:

  • Time, date and place for the interview. It’s important to let each firm know the amount of time planned for the interview (usually about one hour).
  • Describe any studies or other information that would impact the project design, and tell how the firm can obtain a copy.
  • Dates, times and contacts for site visits, if applicable. Individual site visits are recommended.
  • The selection criteria and an explanation of the scoring process that will be used by the selection committee. See A-11:  Interview Process: Questions and Score Sheet.

Conduct project site visits. In many cases, site or facility tours will be an integral part of the selection process. A tour of the project site offers firms first-hand knowledge of the proposed project and the owner’s needs. Individual tours are recommended in lieu of having all short-listed firms together on a joint site visit. Tours may not be necessary in all cases, and such determinations should be made on a case-by-case basis.