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Departmental Purchase Orders (Sample)

Reference Number: MTAS-1728
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: August 12, 2015
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Departmental purchase orders allow the using department to handle small purchases without having to process a requisition through the purchasing department.

When Used
Departmental purchase orders are to be used for buying items which cost $____________* or less.

Who Prepares
The department head may fill out a departmental purchase order. The purchasing department must keep a list of people authorized to sign a departmental purchase order for a department head.

How to Prepare
A proper departmental purchase order will contain the following information:

  • Number (No.) — Assigned by the purchasing department
  • Date — The date the order was prepared
  • Dept. — Ordering department
  • Vendor — Firm or person from whom purchase is being made
  • Vendor's address — Address of vendor
  • Quantity — The amount ordered of each item described
  • Description — Brief description of item(s) to be bought
  • Account to be charged — Complete budgetary code of using department
  • Price — Amount equal to quantity times unit cost
  • Purchase authorized by — Signature and title of department head
  • Articles or service received — Signature of person receiving articles or service and date received

A departmental purchase order is a three-part form containing the following:

  • White copy — Original given to the vendor
  • Yellow copy — Acknowledgment copy; will be sent to the vendor along with the white copy. The vendor will sign and return the yellow copy to the department head, confirming the order. The yellow copy will be attached to the packing slip, delivery ticket, invoice, material receiving report, etc., by the receiving department and forwarded to the purchasing department. The purchasing agent will initial and forward to the finance officer for payment.
  • Pink copy — Forwarded to purchasing department for filing

General Information
The department head is responsible for keeping expenses within budgetary appropriations and must try to secure at least three quotes for those items which cost $____________* or less.

These purchase orders will be numbered and issued to the using department by the purchasing department.

It is the responsibility of the department head, considering price and quality, to determine the best source of supply. All local sources should be considered before a purchase is made. The purchasing department will assist in vendor selection upon request.

If the purchase is above the dollar limit, under no circumstances may multiple forms be used in an effort to avoid filling out a purchase requisition.

* Amount to be established by the governing body.