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Taxicab Licenses

Reference Number: MTAS-1865
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: November 07, 2017
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Revenue Class: Licenses and Permits

Fund: General

Account No.: 32130

Description: Under the Tennessee Passenger Transportation Services Act, municipalities have the authority to license, control and regulate by ordinance or resolution passenger-for-hire vehicles providing transportation services within its jurisdiction. Municipalities in counties with populations greater than 500,000 also have the authority to regulate entry into the business of providing passenger transportation services.

Authorization: T.C.A. § 7-51-1001 et seq. (Tennessee Passenger Transportation Services Act)

Requirements or Restrictions: Allowable regulations include:

  • Entry into the transportation services business through licensing;
  • Rates charged;
  • Safety and insurance requirements;
  • Establishment of stands;
  • Limited or exclusive access to airports or other facilities within the municipality;
  • Regulations concerning the drivers;
  • Routes and stops of fixed routes;
  • Any other regulation that ensures safe and reliable passenger transportation service.

Current Rate: Variable.

Frequency of Payment: Not specified by T.C.A.

Late Pay Penalty: Not specified by T.C.A.

Exemptions: Does not apply to cities in counties with a population of between 287,700 and 287,800 (T.C.A. § 7-51-1006) and does not supercede authority of the department of safety (T.C.A. § 7-51-1005).

Collection: Not specified by T.C.A.

Use Restrictions: N/A